Thursday, February 19, 2009

How I am using FriendFeed

This is how I’m using FriendFeed:

  • “Like” – quickly mark an entry as interesting
    Items you liked are shown in your home feed and under “Me”, Tab “Comments and Likes”
  • Lists
    • regular - for people I don’t want to miss
    • qualified - for people I regularly interact with
    • personal – for people I know in real life
    • all – everyone
    • + some topic specific lists
  • “Best-of-day/week/month” – very fast and efficient way to get an idea what was interesting today for the people I follow
  • “Imaginary Friends” – not everyone is on FriendFeed – follow them by creating their streams as an imaginary friend.
  • I also use imaginary friends for rss feeds like “twittersearch for gtd”
  • Rooms:
    • private room for “all time favorites” – with comments like “research further”
    • topic related rooms
  • one of my favorite FriendFeed feature: for shortened links (, tinyurl, ..) FriendFeed shows the full url as mouse-over-text
  • Post to FriendFeed-bookmarklet (you can find it via “Tools”)
    I really like the ability to include pictures in your post by just clicking on them – helps you remembering what this was all about. Any text marked on the page while clicking the bookmarklet is automatically set as comment
  • Twitter integration (via “Account” – “Feed publishing”):
    I automatically post my entries from Google Reader, Diigo and FriendFeed to my twitter account