Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mixed Sunday

Some things that got my attention lately:

  • DIY Planner released an app (Windows and Mac) to customize their templates
    Their templates are the best thing you can use, if you choose to do GTD on paper
  • Twitter:
    • Twittastic
      Twitter desktop app: Windows only, based on .NET
      Looks promising, but it’s a very early release – they call it “bleeder” (instead of alpha/beta…)
    • great article from Chris Brogan: How I use Twitter at Volume
    • great introduction to Twitter: A User's Guide to Twittering
    • The vulnerability of Twitter – since there are so many apps for Twitter out there, you are tempted to give your password to many, many third parties
  • Browser: I have a very hard time sticking to my current favorite browser: Google Chrome. I’m desperately missing some extensions and I’m thinking about using Chrome and Firefox simultaneously.

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Troy Malone said...

I am right with you on the Chrome issue. I have had to just kiss my plug-ins goodbye, which really stinks. That having been said, how do you go away from the beauty that is Chrome?

Tough question; although I have heard that they have the ability for plugins coming soon.

alex said...

I'm really looking forward to the support of extensions.

Chromium (the open source base for Chrome) has (limited) Greasemonkey Support

Up to now I'm still satisfied with my browsing experience in Chrome - but it's getting harder every day ;-)