Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Top 5 IPhone Apps for daily use

I have many different apps installed on my IPhone 3G, but most of them are rarely used.

Here is the list of my very own personal Top 5 IPhone applications, which I use almost daily.

The links on the app names will send you to the homepage of the apps – not the ITunes store.

  1. RTM – RememberTheMilk – task management
    RTM is the core part of my trusted GTD-system. Since the app stores the tasks locally, I don’t depend on internet access to know what to do next ;-)
    This app can only be used, if you sign up for a pro membership (25$ per year)
  2. TwitterfonTwitter client, free
    In the past I used Twinkle a lot, but Twitterfon feels better for me – and faster.
  3. Facebook – client for Facebook, free
  4. Fahrplan – public transit information - specific for Germany, free
    not used daily, but every time I go downtown by public transit.
  5. teXXas (server is currently down) – TV program information – specific for Germany, free
    I don’t need a printed TV guide anymore, since I have this app installed :-)

Of course the standard applications Mail, Maps, and Phone are also in daily use :-)

Which apps do you use on a (nearly) daily basis?

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